Friday, March 23, 2012

Update 2012

Okay, so here I go again with the blogging. I am going to try and do a quick update of 2012. We have added another family member since my last blogging about 2 years ago!! Mr. Colt Alexander Behrmann. He will be 8 months April 5th. Colt is such an easy going, fun loving baby. He started crawling about 3 days ago and is now into everything. Ava is now 3 years old and is such a sweet and beautiful little girl. She loves to make her brother laugh, likes TV, and helps mother around the house (she even asks to help with the dishes). Mike started working in January at a practice up in Midwest city. He seems to really be enjoying life as an orthodontist

January- We didn't do much in the month of January. Ava keep wanting to know when the snow was coming, but it never did. Colt started rolling front to back. 

Febrary- We finally had one snow storm and Ava went outside to play in the snow. We made a very small snowman and a few snow balls. Ava and I started our first dance class. It was a mommy and me ballet dance class. We had so much fun together. Ava really enjoyed it!!

March- Mike had a conference in Grapevine, so we all came along and went to the Great Wolf Lodge. Ava and Colt both loved the water. However, Ava's favorite part was watching the dragon puff smoke from his nose. She still talks about it almost every night before she goes to bed. Colt started crawling and sitting up on his own.

Okay, so there is 2o12 so far. Pictures will come soon getting a little tired it is 12:30 am but can't sleep so thought I would update the blog from 2 years ago!!

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